NEWS IAB UK announces latest IAB UK / PwC AdSpend study results

IAB has announced the results of the latest IAB UK and PwC Digital Adspend study, which reveals UK advertisers spent £13.44bn on digital advertising in 2018.

REVIEW How mature are you?

Top tips from the latest AOP Crunch event on how to achieve digital transformation through data.

By James Evelegh

EDITOR'S ARCHIVE PICK An endangered art

The lethal combination of cost cutting and the need for speed in the online publishing world has led to the imminent demise of the sub-editor. Yet, writes Anthony Longden, the sub-editor’s role must be saved, and it’s not too late to do so.

By Anthony Longden

FEATURE When publishers resort to mumbo jumbo

Most people understand the reasons for publishers’ cost cutting, but many are left confused and irritated by the convoluted statements that accompany them. Steve Dyson reports.

By Steve Dyson

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