censhare (UK)





Publishing has long ceased to be just about print. In addition to websites there are more and more new digital channels such as blogs, newsletters, apps, mobile channels and social media like Twitter and Facebook. And instead of one-dimensional reporting, the emphasis today is on active collaboration with customers, partners and potential customers.

censhare is an all-in-one Information and Publishing Content Management System and was started 17 years ago by a German software manufacturer. censhare can be used for all cross-media, multi-format and multi-channel publishing. censhare is not only used by publishers, agencies and large to medium sized companies for the generation and output of content in conventional and standard communication media, but also for corporate communication, marketing, brand management, multichannel marketing and the production of sales literature.

censhare is the software solution for:

• Media asset Management

• Content Editor

• Layout Editor/Flat Planning

• Workflow Manager

• Localization/Translation Management

• Product Information Management

• Brand Management

• Web-CMS

• Web-to Print solution

• Apps and Mobile Management

Today, successful and efficient communication calls for software that keeps an eye on everything and speaks all the relevant "languages". The global censhare Publishing System enables media-independent production of all content and formats and supports all publication channels - from print to web, apps and social media and ranks among the eight leading publishing systems worldwide.

censhare is currently used by more than 100 national and international companies and institutions, such as book/magazine/newspaper publishers, corporate publishers, specialist publishers as well as financial service providers, agencies, media service providers and more.