IMX is a pan-European logistics group specialising in the preparation and distribution world-wide of:

  • periodicals, journals and magazines
  • direct mail and catalogues
  • business correspondence
  • financial reports and statements
  • books, videos and CD’s
  • promotional goods - small parcels and packages

The IMX Group serves over 500 corporate customers in Europe with a diverse range of services and distribution solutions.

IMX’s focus is on managed distribution solutions. IMX’s solutions effectively and efficiently combine, from the design stage: printing & letter-shopping and storage & retrieval with ground and air transport through to many, accountable and cost-effective delivery options.

IMX was established in Europe in 1988 and has receiving and handling centres in London, Paris, Milan and Malaga with additional sales offices across Europe.

We are also unique in that we have a card embossing machine that embosses and encodes (if required) plastic cards – such as for loyalty schemes, membership organisations, clubs or other types of business. A number of publishers provide cards as part of their subscription/member services.