Ingenta offers the full spectrum of publishing solutions. Our Ingenta Advertising, Ingenta Audience and Ingenta Commercial subscription solutions help book and target content/advertisements to a specific audience, to maximise revenues. We support more than 2000 newspapers, magazines and journals worldwide, including multinational organisations like Hearst, TMBi and Elsevier. We have generated client billing of over £1 billion in advertising income.

Ingenta Advertising - Ad sales management platform including analytics, CRM and Google DFP Ad serving integration with real-time digital inventory checking.

Ingenta Advertising is a complete, browser-based multimedia advertising, CRM and sales management platform for content providers. It enables you to sell and track multi-channel ads, events and sponsorship in a single system. You can maximise the value of your audience with streamlined ad sales, packaged ad buys and multi-channel campaigns, generating new revenues from previously untapped sources.

Ingenta Advertising manages:

* Multi-platform bookings * Packages and bundles * Inventory management

* Finance/credit control * CRM/KPI and contact management

Ingenta AudienceKnow and engage your customer - The right ad, in the right context to the right audience.

The Ingenta Audience data management platform (DMP) processes enriched data to gain valuable insights into your users. These insights empower your advertisers to ensure that their creative advertising campaigns reach and engage with their target audiences. Ingenta Audience allows advertising or digital directors to build:

* Granular information

* Bespoke surveys

* Segmented audience

* Dynamic profiles

Ingenta Commercial - Subscription management

As part of Ingenta Commercial, our subscription module enables both print and digital products to be effectively managed, dynamically altered and updated live on our system. The system can manage:

* Fixed or anytime start duration subscriptions

* Release and publication schedules

* Auto renewals configurable reminder schedules

* Trials and gratis subscriptions

* Complex pricing, promotions, billing and licencing options

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