Intermedia Brand Marketing

We provide a comprehensive range of circulation marketing and distribution services which embrace the modern media landscape and enable our publisher clients to reach and grow their total audience across every route to the consumer.

Our absolute dedication to quality of service has ensured continuous growth in size and reputation and our one-stop-shop business model offers everything you need to reach and grow your total audience.

Put very simply, we allow our clients to do what they do best, which is publishing exciting and successful magazine brands. Our job is to connect their brands with consumers in the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective ways.

  • Retail Newsstand Distribution - From printing press to retail newsstand, we manage the process every step of the way, delivering your product on time, every time. Here at Intermedia, we have all the tools needed to maximise your retail sales, and importantly, provide a real alternative for publishers who aspire to be something more than a small fish in a large distributor pond.
  • Subscription Marketing & Fulfilment - You want to get your products safely and efficiently into the hands of your readers. So do we. That is why our expert solutions are tailored to do just that. Using our extensive experience in direct marketing, we align these skills with the brand values of the product to reach and grow the total audience through effective acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Targeted Media Placement - We reach your target audience through highly targeted media placement across venues and events across the globe. Our product placement service targets your specific audience across designated venues and events which are carefully chosen by our experienced team, to increase the exposure and awareness of the brand. We also ensure timely and cost effective logistical solutions are applied to deliver a complete and hassle-free service.
  • Digital Platforms - The media world is constantly evolving – and so are we. As the digital sector grows, we keep you ahead of the competition by delivering smart digital solutions.
  • Live Events - Brand identity is all about the chance for you to interact with your readership. We manage every aspect of your event or exhibition, from planning to execution.
  • Production & Logistics - Getting your product from one place to another is a vital link in the supply chain. We arrange the where and the how with our print, production and logistical solutions through our subsidiary business, Intermedia Solutions Ltd.