Kreatio Software

Kreatio offers a suite of products that help digital publishers engage better with their audiences and monetise their content, while reducing costs and efforts. Our high performance, readily available solutions and full spectrum support take away the hassles of running IT systems and leave you to focus on your media business. Our pricing model is fully transparent. You do not have to worry about price escalations when team size, reader engagement or other matrices change.


The Kreatio CMS has been built ground up for team work flows and makes sharing of content and responsibilities easy. Its language processing system gives live feedback to authors as they write their articles. It makes editors more productive by giving them project management capabilities and easy visibility of all content that is scheduled to go live.


Kreatio Analytics works without you having to do any tagging. It gives insights into who is consuming your content, where, when and how. It lets you see subscriber behaviour in detail. Every author can have their own dashboard to see how their content is performing.


Created with your editor in mind, it helps to quickly create templated editorial newsletters. Mailfixx can be fully automated to create newsletters based on rules and send them on predetermined schedules.


The Kreatio directory helps you to monetise listings. It comes with basic lead generation capabilities that captures reader interest and forwards it to your customer. Customers can manage their own listings and leads. The publisher can easily manage customers, including how many entries they can have and for how long their entries will be valid.


Data journalism on steroids. You can quickly create and embed tables and charts on your website without having to know any code. Datahub also helps in syndication by letting you control which websites can display your data and charts.

Subscription management

A completely flexible subscription solution which lets you create subscription products on the fly. Kreatio subscription supports multiple subscription models and promotions.

Event microsites

A system to quickly create and deploy event microsites without any programming experience. It makes the life of the event producer easy by reusing content and design elements.

When a publisher signs up with Kreatio, the following are included at no extra cost:

  • Full maintenance throughout the life cycle
  • Full data import at the beginning of the contract and full data export in standard XML formats at the end of the contract (does not cover Mailfixx and Datahub)
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure your sites are functioning optimally
  • We take care of the hosting as part of the package
  • Continuous minor upgrades throughout the contract term. At least one major upgrade for contracts of 3 years or more.
  • Full security penetration testing and rectification before go live
  • Cyclical security tests during the contract period.
  • Site optimisation once every year for CMS.
  • Three levels of back up - near site and off site
  • All break-fix management