Raspberry Jam Publishing

Contract Publishing Services

New for 2018… introducing Raspberry Jam Publishing. We can take care of the full end-to-end magazine publishing process for you, from creating and designing editorial content to fulfilment and distribution of print and online copies. Our team can also take on advertising sales activity or just advert copy chasing on your behalf, it’s up to you. Raspberry Jam Publishing offers a bespoke service so if you need someone to proofread your publication or just get a print quote, do get in touch.

  • Editorial services: Putting relevant and well-written editorial content at the heart of your publication will pay dividends through audience engagement and brand loyalty. Good content differentiates your magazine from others and signifies you are a brand to be trusted. A full range of editorial services can be accessed through Raspberry Jam Publishing.
  • Advertising sales: We have an experienced team who can manage the sales process for your magazine, whether it has a local distribution or a wider B2B audience.
  • Print sourcing: With tight margins in place for magazine publishers, getting a cost-effective print deal in place will drive the efficiency of your publication, which is where Raspberry Jam Publishing can help. Our experience of dealing with printers means we can get you a quote to suit the job, budget and quality you require.
  • Distribution: So, you have your great-looking magazine packed with relevant content, but it must reach the right audience in a timely manner to have the required impact. We can arrange distribution for your printed magazine and make it available online too.

Magazine Design

The design and feel of your magazine is just as important as your content. Raspberry Jam Publishing has the experience and flair to create stunning layouts and page designs that make your magazine stand out from the rest.

  • Production: We can manage the full magazine production process for you, from the design of the template to layout and print each month – or as frequently as you want to publish your magazine!
  • Advert design: Adverts are the bread and butter of many a publishing strategy and eye-catching advertising design is essential to give good return on investment to those who support your publication by paying to advertise. Raspberry Jam Publishing’s flat-rate page design fee includes a free advert design and copy chasing service so if a client hasn’t got advertising copy ready or doesn’t have access to a graphic design studio, we’ll do it for you. All included in the quoted price.
  • Advert copy chasing: Our team can chase advertisers for you to get the copy, all to a pre-planned schedule, which will leave you to concentrate on the tricky bit of selling your valuable advertising space. We will liaise with you before each print issue, establish which companies need to be chased and whether any advertising design services are required by your clients.