The Magazine Manager

The Magazine Manager® is the global leader in integrated publishing CRM solutions. Serving over 15,000 media properties worldwide, our powerful software engine drastically reduces overhead costs and manpower hours by connecting sales, production and billing into one simple software package.

Designed to Boost Publishing Profits

From prospecting and sales, to bookings, production, and billing, The Magazine Manager optimises every aspect of the advertising life cycle. Everything you need to move your publishing business forward can be accessed from your home page dashboard.

Simply Log in. And We’ll Do the Work.

Between our opportunities portal and nearly 70 reports, you can project revenue and make decisions based on real-time data. Specifically designed to help you generate more revenue, The Magazine Manager guides you with every click until closing.

  • Sell directly from your inbox with email integration & note capture
  • Engage advertisers & track interest with mass email integration
  • Customise rate-cards on-the-fly including commission structures
  • Gain visibility with pipeline forecasting & custom reporting options
  • Renew contracts before they expire with automated notifications
  • Generate IOs & secure approval with e-signatures
  • Prove ROI & grow revenue with marketing services tools
  • Manage inventory & deadlines with material alerts

Handles the Heavy Lifting of Publishing

Any data entered within your offer template can be converted into contracts, bookings, and invoices. From bulk multimedia buys, to complex skip schedules, The Magazine Manager gives you the CRM capabilities you’ve always wanted!

Bye-bye tedious tasks! Hello convenience!

  • Create flat-plans with transparency
  • Instantly publish digital editions & distribute branded apps
  • Get billing out the door in a few clicks
  • Process payments by the batch
  • Get paid on time with credit-card processing & client-facing payment portals
  • Enjoy mobile convenience with our iOS & Android app

Free Support & White Glove Service

98% of clients surveyed are satisfied with client support service. Contact us to learn more!